Why Choose Synergy?

Synergy Installation Solutions has successfully installed furniture from nearly every manufacturer, and our diversity allows us to utilize the expertise of our team members in each of our six divisions to provide your installation with only the best in factory trained and professionally uniformed installation personnel, guaranteed to ensure the success of your project, regardless of its location.

Whether your project involves the installation of new furniture, or the move and reconfiguration of existing product, our highly experienced team prides itself on its professional installation techniques, including the use of lasers, chalk lines, dry lines, and problem solving ability, to achieve the high quality of finished installations, which today’s clients demand and deserve.

From day one, the hallmarks of Synergy’s service philosophy have been communication, accountability, and an un-ending quest to provide our clients with only the best installation solutions. The partnerships we have formed with our clients speak to our ability to consistently satisfy their ever changing requirements and strive for total customer gratification, regardless of the conditions at hand.