Martin Army Hospital  –  Columbus, GA


The Martin Army Hospital project consisted of the delivery and installation of over eleven  hundred (1,100) Haworth private offices, three hundred and fifty (350) Haworth Premise workstations, fifteen hundred (1,500) lateral files, and associated seating and ancillary product . The installation was completed over a five (5) month time line.

Synergy procured a local warehouse to allow us to receive all product and deliver utilizing a “Just In Time” delivery system to the project site. This allowed our team to work in harmony with the construction crews by not flooding the site with product  and delivering only to areas which were ready for furniture. This process helped to smooth out the flow of the entire project and limited damages to the new furniture. To facilitate this process, project status meetings were held on a daily basis to track goals and avoid miscommunication between project personnel.

The project was completed on time with a very limited punch.  One crew of fourteen (14) installers, plus our warehouse team, was used for this project.


Financial Services Provider  –  Detroit, MI


This project consisted of the delivery and installation of over fifteen hundred (1,500) Herman Miller Canvas workstations, eighty (80) private offices, three thousand (3,000) chairs, two hundred (200) various tables, and associated lounge seating, over eight     separate floors.  In addition, Synergy was also responsible for the installation of twenty-seven hundred (2,700) lineal feet of DIRTT wall product during the same time frame. The facility was undergoing a major renovation, in which Synergy worked in conjunction with over two hundred (200) additional contractors. This installation took place over a five week time frame, in which Synergy was required to receive all new product at our downtown Detroit warehouse, strip the product, redeliver it to site, and install the products on multiple floors at the same time.

At different periods during the project, Synergy was required to work on as many as five (5) floors at the same time to accommodate contractor’s deadlines and manufacturer’s shipping schedules. Synergy worked in close conjunction with electricians and the data / cabling contractors to meet the schedules to allow for proper testing of all computers and the installation of a computer networking infrastructure.  Three separate crews were utilized by Synergy to complete this project:  a first shift installation crew of twelve (12) men, a second shift unload / stage crew of ten (10) men, and a DIRTT wall installation crew of ten (10) men.


Little Caesars Arena – Detroit, MI


The Little Caesars Arena Project consisted of Synergy providing the warehousing, logistics, and installation services for the furniture and support equipment for Detroit’s newest sporting venue. This included receiving at our warehouse, delivering to site, and installing / placing all of the luxury suite furnishings, over ten thousand (10,000) chairs, the Detroit Pistons basketball court, all of the restaurant and lounge furnishings, medical support equipment and supplies, outdoor furniture, children’s area furnishings, and exercise equipment. Synergy worked in close contact with the general contractor to develop installation and product delivery schedules. Due to the wide breadth of manufacturers utilized to supply product for the facility, Synergy worked in harmony with all parties involved to track product receipt, and ensure its speedy delivery and accurate placement in the facility. All products were received at Synergy’s downtown Detroit warehouse and then redelivered to the project site to most effectively work with the general contractor’s construction schedule. The project was complete in a six (6) week time frame.

All deadlines were met on each floor of the project with a punch list of nearly zero!